The C26 Story

Empowering athletes through custom coaching, camps and community.


C26 unofficially began when Mike and Robbie began an athlete/coach relationship in 2012. Over the next year they became great friends and their shared passion for triathlon led to the Crushing Iron blog and Crushing Iron podcast.

The guys committed to recording two episodes a week and the current count is over 730 podcasts. Through the podcast, C26 has grown to one of the largest triathlon coaching companies in the country and helped build countless friendships through camps, team races, and events.

While Mike and Robbie started the momentum, C26 has become what it is because of the community. The guys start each day with one simple philosophy, “what more can we do for our athletes today?” By putting athletes first, C26 continues to be a place where more and more people come to experience happiness and health through triathlon.

Mike Tarrolly and Robbie Bruce

C26 coaches can provide valuable guidance and support to help you improve your performance and achieve your goals in triathlon training and races.

We are driven by the athletes themselves.  This isn’t a one size fits all so we provide expertise, guidance, and support to optimize your training, enhance your performance, and make your triathlon journey more enjoyable and successful.

Our “Why”

Let our testimonials speak for themselves!  We value our athletes and their dedication to the sport and take that very seriously. You’re not just an athlete to us.

We get to know the person first and the athlete second.

We learn what motivates you and what holds you back.  What your personal life is like and what stresses accumulate day to day.  We take all of that information and set up a structured plan specifically for you to help you reach the finish line of your sport, and in life.

Brian Snell

"Coaches. Camps. Community. These three words embody everything C26. Robbie's philosophy fosters an improved mental approach to triathlon training and racing. I approach races with far less anxiety now and just let it rip and have fun. The camps are simply awesome. No judgment. No pressure. Just great training with great people. And the very best part of C26 is the Community Robbie and Mike have established. Never in my wildest dreams would I have envisioned the friendships I've established over the last couple years since I first started training with Robbie. Athletes all over the country have become some of my best friends that I stay in touch with almost daily."

Brian Snell

Jeri Clay

“I have been a part of the wonderful C26 family for three years now and can’t say enough about how truly amazing my Coach, Robbie Bruce and the entire C26 team is. I’ve been competing in triathlon for 15 years now and have never felt in better shape mentally and physically as I have over the last three years under Coach Robbie. C26 is not only a team but a family. I have met some of my best and closest friends through the C26 camps and team events. The Coaches and staff of C26 make their athletes a priority and care about the health and well- being of each and every member. I couldn’t be more proud to be a part of such an amazing team as C26.”

Jeri Clay

Angela Lisowski

“Triathlons are really about the journey and all the people that you connect with along the way.  I’ve been lucky enough to have found C26 and experience first-hand their commitment to a sense of community and to keeping you “happy and healthy”.  I love the sport, my local tri community and all the challenges it brings but was bored with my training which is when I reached out to Coach Mike.  Coach Mike and the C26 team have not disappointed – not only have I received great coaching but through C26 camps, zoom calls and social media, I’ve also been able to connect with so many supportive and awesome athletes from all over.”

Angela Lisowski

C26 Years in the Making

The Beginning

Life has a strange way of bringing people together at the right time and in late 2012, the seed for C26 Triathlon was planted. Robbie Bruce was waiting at Calypso Cafe in East Nashville in shorts and flip flops when Mike Tarrolly sat down wearing a motorcycle jacket and boots. They both had questions.

Coach and Athlete

After a few rounds of beans and rice, the most questions were answered and Robbie agreed to be Mike's triathlon coach for 2013. Both were searching for something unknown, and the unlikely pairing made for a wild ride...and great friendship. When Mike crossed the finish line at Ironman Wisconsin the following September, it was the unofficial beginning of Crushing Iron, which later became C26 Triathlon.

The Podcast

Sometime in 2016, Robbie begrudgingly agreed to start a podcast. The two stared at each other like deer in headlights as they stumbled through the first few podcasts in Mike’s home office. There was no goal other than to talk about triathlon like they always did, but put it on tape. Both were in between jobs and somehow, the universe delivered in the form of athletes requesting coaching. After podcast number 10, Mike and Robbie sat down at Portland Brew Coffee in Nashville to lay the plans for what is now C26 Triathlon.


Nashville was becoming the “it city” and for two guys who prefer simple, it was time to move on. Both sold their homes and moved to the sleepy confines of Chattanooga at the beginning of the pandemic to open a training center (The C26 Hub). Business was great, but it became obvious that something was missing. The core business was created to be mobile and both Robbie and Mike knew they needed to be somewhere closer to their hearts. Robbie moved to Overland Park and Mike pursued his dream of lake life in Wisconsin.

C26 Present Day

Since the humble beginnings at Calypso Cafe, the guys have recorded over 725 podcasts, coached hundreds of athletes from around the world, hosted dozens of camps, and continued to build a community of happy and healthy athletes. C26 has become a force in the Ironman Tri Club series standing on the podium with major brands like Zoot. Mike and Robbie still record two podcasts a week and continually look for ways to create the best experience for C26 athletes.

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