How to Not Suck at Running – Part 2

Episode #336

January 6, 2020

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To be a good runner, you have build in a way that makes sense. In Part 2 of our How To Not Suck at Running (part one is episode #317) Coach Robbie talks about how to work in tempo and negative split mentality in a way that tests adaptation, but doesn’t beat you down when adding more swim and bike volume. In triathlon, you “get faster” by being able to exert more energy late in the run. As we’ve said a million times, it’s not about going faster as much as it is, who slows down the least.


  • One size fits all in training?
  • Do it more and do it smarter
  • How do we make running more enjoyable?
  • Alleviating injuries
  • Finding the time to balance running and triathlon
  • Light a fire, don’t burn it all down
  • Phase 1 – 6 runs a week
  • Phase 2 – Build/Race Specific
  • Adding a Zone 3/Half Marathon Effort
  • Turn a medium run into a tempo run
  • Duration will vary among athletes
  • Be careful adding intensity
  • Beware the dangerous Pace Game
  • Learn to run by effort
  • Picking a pace is like picking watts
  • Mileage vs. Time
  • Intensify or Extend?
  • What about track workouts??
  • How to implement your Tempo Run
  • The delay of fatigue
  • The Negative Split Long Run
  • Mastering the mentality of not obsessing about the overall workout number
  • Always go with effort
  • Fatigue increase and need for more warm up
  • Understanding effort build and hold
  • Raising effort to hold a pace
  • Patience, pacing, and execution

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