3 Easy Ways to Get Ready for Your Next Workout

Exercise clothes

Motivation comes and goes for all of us. Some days you feel like you are ready to take over the world like David Goggins, and other days you feel a little more like Eeyore. I find it is always easier to get my workout started when everything is set to go ahead of time. Not just the standard “lay out your clothes the night before”, but going a little further.

  1. Timing: I find that a great time to get ready for my next workout is immediately after the last one. Grab a protein shake, recovery drink, or a small snack and think about what’s next. It could be a workout later that day or the next day. But either way, I’m generally feeling great after finishing a workout and looking forward to the next one. You can pack your gym bag for swimming, make sure your bike and gear is ready for your long ride, or check the forecast for the next run. But do it while you are feeling good about finishing your last workout.
  2. Understanding what’s coming up: Make sure you know what your next workout entails, and how to complete it properly. Do you have a swim drill that you should watch on YouTube or read about? Do you know what your heart rate zones or power zones are? Do you know what the goal of your next session is? Some sessions are simple (don’t read easy, lol) and don’t require much forethought. Others have specific steps, drills, terminology, and skills that you need to understand BEFORE you start that session.
  3. Fueling: Don’t wait until the last second to get your fueling ready. Check your planned duration, intensity, and the weather to make your fueling decisions ahead of time. I like to plan out and have all of my nutrition ready the night before a workout. I will put the correct nutrition in my bottles, set out any food or gels, and make sure all I need to do before getting out the door is just add water.

And don’t forget to lay out your clothes! Sometimes this is all it takes to get you out the door in the morning. Plus, I know my wife hates it when I’m rummaging around in the dark looking for just the right pair of running shorts at 5:00am!

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