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Angela Falcon

About the Athlete
Location: Houston, TX
Age Group: 45-49

What two or three books would you recommend?

It doesn’t have to be triathlon related, but may have helped you with motivation/balance or to get through a tough time or create a new approach to the sport. 

  • Let your Mind Run by Deena Kastor
  • The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  • YOU are a Bad Ass: How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero

What is the one thing (other than a bike or power meter) you purchased that you use and benefit from all the time?

Name specific brand and where you got it so others can share in your love. 

Normatec recovery boots: pulse 2.0 series by Normatec (call store for C26 discount).  Game changer!!!

What is a specific “failure” or “apparent failure” in a race or training that set you up for future success?

Or what was a turning point in your triathlon career that changed how you approached the sport/lifestyle?

You are not always going to PR but that does not mean you did not have a successful race.  Many times I’ve felt like I’ve failed but I’ve gained so much more than a PR.  Each race I’ve walked away with more than when I started; toeing the line healthy and happy is my biggest win.  Now, I look at training as opportunities to practice what I’ve learned and be fearless.  Looking at the big picture and keeping running ‘fun’ has been paramount to maximizing success and achieving my long-term goals.  What I view as failures might feel like successes to others.  Be kind to yourself approach is better than any time on the clock.

Somer Scandridge and Angela Falcon

If you could make an Instagram post you knew would be seen and shared by millions, what would it say?

It doesn’t have to be your quote, just something you love and think would make a difference. 

“Runs that are the most uncomfortable, are the runs you learn the most about yourself.” – this applies to everything you do; not just running.  Don’t ever get complacent!

“Be a Unicorn in a field of Horses.” – stand out and be the change!

What is the best or most worthwhile investment you’ve made in triathlon. (this could be financially, time, or energy investments).

Hands-down hiring coach Robbie!  I have learned so much about myself and the sport of running in just 13 months.  Teaching me patience and to believe anything is possible!  If you put in the work and practice consistent behaviors you will see gains.  You get what you give.  Having the C26 family support in my corner is the best investment and worth every penny.  Squad up!

What is an unusual or absurd habit or superstition you have that relates to training or racing?

I treat most all of my training like races from how I perform, what I wear and what attitude I have.  I always give 100 even if I feel like I’m having an off day.  I’m a creature of habit and love routines so practicing consistent behaviors keep my training ticking.  Quirky, but for me suiting up like race day can give me the extra energy and motivation to do my best.  Whether it be new running shoes to new apparel or having a positive attitude, when I feel I look my best I often do my best…when you look good you feel good and that starts with good nutrition choices.  On race days, I always wear the same earrings from my husband and I sharpie up with “All 4 Finley” and “Fearless” on my arm so when I want to stop, I find another gear.  

Angela Falcon

In the last 5 years, what is the behavior, habit or new belief that has most changed how you train?

Consistency because success doesn’t happen overnight.   Keeping a happy and healthy body and mind keeps me moving forward.  

What advice would you give a friend your age who is just getting into triathlon? What advice should they ignore?

Age is just a number.  At 45, I never imagined I’d be running much less a marathon.  It is never too late to get started.  Ignore social media stigmas on where you should/should not be and just do you.  Embrace your fitness journey, get outdoors, set goals and go crush them.  After all, wisdom is strength and you never know where this new opportunity will take you.     

What are bad recommendations for training that you hear a lot? 

People thinking you have to grind it out every day and hit a home run and if not, you’re not getting any better.  Fitness doesn’t happen overnight so focus on the small gains.  

Doing too much too soon.  Just because you feel like you can run the world one day don’t compromise rest and focus on quality. 

Continuing to train when you feel a niggle or pain thinking it will ‘work itself out’.  Missing a workout is a drop in the bucket compared to missing a season of training or your “A” race thinking you’ll lose fitness.    Give your body/injury ample time to heal to keep those long-term goals.  

Missing a workout for whatever reason (schedule, life, kids, work, etc.) and doubling up next day and next.  WRONG as this will just dig you a deeper hole of stress.  This is why having a coach is so valuable to prevent you from doing stupid stuff.      

In the last 5 years how have you changed your approach to nutrition? What are some specific benefits you’ve found?  

Fueling your body is so important.  I can’t expect to run my best if I’m under fueled and not treating my body with respect.  Game changer for me has been hydrating properly throughout the day; not chugging a gallon of water right before a run or race.

Trial and error?!? I don’t wait until race day to bust out a new energy gel/drink or contemplate eating or not beforehand.  I have learned to experiment early on what works for me so I can then focus on nailing my nutrition.  Many things can go wrong on race day but I don’t let nutrition be one of them so I can focus my energy on executing my game plan.

Angela Falcon

When you feel overwhelmed, unmotivated or distracted what kind of things do you do to get back in the game and re-center/focus? If helpful, what questions do you ask?

Remembering my why!  I sit down and review my goals then journal my concerns of what really is giving me anxiety.  This quickly puts things into perspective of how far I’ve come.  Oftentimes, I can have tunnel vision of why I am stuck now instead of thinking back where I started.  After all, I am not a professional so stopping all the pressure about this or that and just having fun is what it’s all about.  I am in control of my attitude with everything to gain and nothing to lose.

Of swim, bike, run, what is your toughest sport and what kind of things have you found helpful to improve?

Uh, I only want to be in a pool if there is a swim-up bar and well…biking is fun to the mailbox and back.  Now running, we have a love/hate relationship.  It’s a beast in so many facets whether it be racing from the gun, escalating effort levels, holding that tempo or flat out just trying to breathe on those mile repeats or monoghetti.  One thing that has helped me tremendously is learning to “be comfortable with being uncomfortable.”  I tell myself to just hold it; the pain is not going to get any worse so “embrace the suck”.  The greatest asset I have learned is just to run; I don’t look at my watch because the mind can be my worst enemy.  My best runs are often the ones that I don’t even focus on time but listening to my body and holding on for dear life ☺

What is your “why” when it comes to triathlon and how do you keep it present in your mind?

First and foremost ME!  Keeping myself healthy and happy so everything else just falls into place from family, fun and fitness.  At the end of the day, I want to show my son Finley that you can do anything and nothing is impossible.  Having my little one say “Race, Race mama” or “Win mama” makes all the joys and pain worth it.  You remember that “why” and keep moving forward.  NEVER GIVE UP!

Angela Falcon

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