How to Not Suck at Swimming – Part 12

Episode #727

October 31, 2023

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Today we look at how to be faster and stronger in the water. Good news, there’s a lot of great ideas here to make that happen. Bad news, actions speak louder than words. Many of us like the “idea” of getting faster, but will we put in the work. Lucy Charles swam 50k a week to give her a minute or so edge. How much will you swim? We also get into Knowing your flaws so you can work on them. There are so many moving parts in swimming, but often the best solution is just to figure out your weaknesses and adjust. And finally, are you “slicing” through the water or actually doing work with your hand and forearm? We take a deep look at what this really means and how to stop from spinning out in the water.


  • The worst Halloween candy
  • Swimming is usually the hardest to master
  • Something has to click
  • The plastic ball drill
  • Actions speak louder than words
  • No swim background?
  • We like the “idea” of getting faster
  • You have to invest the time
  • Are you fit enough for your turnover?
  • Higher intensity/shorter period of time
  • Know your flaws and body type
  • Running analogy to swimming
  • Cycling to swimming
  • Walking to swimming
  • Swimming is about taking things away
  • Fitness vs. Technique adjustments
  • Slicing through the water
  • Just because your arm is in the water . . .
  • Im working hard to go nowhere
  • Spatula analogy
  • It’s about pushing water back
  • Spinning out in the water

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