How to Not Suck at Cycling #5

Episode #694

June 15, 2023

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Today is all about saving watts and energy on the course but gaining as much as 10 minutes in your Ironman bike split. This is basically technical ways to become a better cyclist. We look at riding bumpy roads, preparing better for the course you’re racing, and how to get better at handling. We also look at why your bike fit may be costing you major watts and how a more comfortable position can get them back. We talk about deep wheel rims and when you should or shouldn’t use them. We get into short course vs. long course approach. We talk about tires and the right PSI, along with how you can find what’s perfect for you and your bike.


  • Riding Bumpy Roads
  • Relax your grip
  • Not about forcing, it’s feeling
  • Getting all the fitness out of yourself
  • Ride Outside
  • Sturdy and strong courses
  • Ride similar terrain to race
  • Hill Repeats
  • Soft pedal your neighborhood and work on corners
  • Sight your angle before you get to the turn
  • Best money spent on Free Speed
  • Short course – more aggressive
  • Long course – a little more lax
  • Lung constriction in aero
  • Fall into your bike position
  • Position change to save Watts
  • Wheels – Deep rims vs. Shallow
  • Tires and PSI
  • Gator Skins vs. GP 5000
  • PSI Charts

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