How to Race Ironman Wisconsin

Episode #511

September 8, 2021

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We have a ton of experience with, and love, Ironman Wisconsin. Today we go through the most important factors for you to have a solid race. We look at keys to race morning and being relaxed for the swim. How to handle the unique transition. We also break down the body-blow bike course from a strategy perspective. This is not a PR type of course and it’s best to be smart, be ready for rough roads, lots of turns and never ending climbs, and tons of spectators. The run course is challenging but fair. Lots of support. We’ll look at how to approach all the different sections.


  • You can’t cheat this course
  • Wisconsin bike hills
  • In-race recovery
  • The course is as fair as they get
  • Body blows
  • The swim – RELAX
  • Wetsuits and breathing
  • Swimming in chop
  • Two loop course
  • T1 and running up the Helix
  • Use swim exit to get legs loose not gain time
  • Garbage bags to stay warm on bike
  • Gearing is the name of the game
  • Big chain drop course
  • The bike course is chess, not checkers
  • Cresting hills effectively
  • Using one hill to the next
  • Limiting your variability index
  • Keep average power and normalized power close
  • Bike spectators
  • Not a PR course
  • Don’t come out too hot on the run course
  • Just enough terrain changes
  • State street excitement
  • Camp Randall
  • The Run Path on Campus
  • Knowing where the 20 mile mark is
  • Just have fun
  • Love the hoodie weather

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