How to Race Ironman Chattanooga

Episode #515

September 22, 2021

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inally, we welcome Ironman Chattanooga to our home town. Today we take you from the anxious moments pre-swim, through tactics for getting through the very hilly run. We look at the bike course and how you should manage your day with the rollers and sneaky pinch hills. We also talk about wetsuits, swimming in a river, and how to beat anxiety. Sneaky sections of the run and how they can blow you up if you’re not careful. All you need to know about racing Ironman Chattanooga, along with some spectator tips.


  • Chilly in Chattanooga
  • Be who you are
  • Mike is relaxed?
  • That Ironman is in town setting up feeling
  • When do you calm down?
  • Be Grateful that you can Do This
  • Swim current
  • When to get in the water
  • Anxiety remedies
  • Temperature, Humidity and wetsuits
  • The best way to swim the river
  • Let the current work for you
  • Transition talk
  • Bike – Rough First few miles
  • Build in your later
  • Rollers and pinchers
  • When the mind starts to wander
  • You are ready to get off the bike
  • Run – Don’t bust your run on mile 1
  • Amnicola Highway Running
  • Greenway – A pincher to know about
  • Once you hit Veterans Bridge, there’s no more flat
  • Running Barton and the north shore
  • Spectating secrets

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