Practice Not Quitting

Episode #509

September 2, 2021

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This is all about being ready for, and handling, those tough moments in your race. Also, what to, and what not to buy before a race.There’s a difference between bad workouts and digging a hole, but how do you deal with a tough day in training? Why does it happen? How can you use it to your advantage? Don’t let your mindset tell you today sucks way too early. We get into making your race “more comfortable,” the smart last minute decisions, and last minute race purchases.


  • It’s cooling down and heating up
  • Wisconsin weather
  • Chattanooga forecast
  • It’s the busiest time of the year
  • Hair cut talk
  • Chaffing
  • Race simulation weekends
  • Bad workouts vs. Digging a hole
  • Don’t let your mindset tell you today sucks
  • Raising expectations on race day
  • Swimming as a guide to fatigue
  • Bad workouts are just part of it
  • Last minute race purchases
  • Fine tuning fueling
  • Bike fits
  • Make your race “easier” by adding comfort
  • Don’t buy speed
  • Spend money on less stress
  • Invest in comfort
  • Buying things to make up for lack of training/fitness
  • None of it matters until the last half of the run
  • Practice not quitting
  • You never know what the day is going to bring

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