The Making of Crushing Iron

Episode #367

April 24, 2020

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This is the story behind the podcast…the community…and how Crushing Iron almost didn’t happen because of a bad hangover. Mike and Robbie talk about the early days of their athlete/coach relationship all the way through a humble morning in a Nashville coffee shop that laid the groundwork for what would become the Crushing Iron podcast and this community. Alcohol recovery, healthy career changes, and an epic bike ride that changed everything.

Mike and Robbie met back in 2012. Mike had just decided to do Ironman Wisconsin and was introduced to Robbie through his buddy.

Their initial meeting was a little awkward. Mike rolled in on his motorcycle and leather jacket, Robbie sat at the restaurant hungover and 15 years younger. But over time they formed a close bond.

Mike went on to successfully complete Ironman Wisconsin and Robbie went on to a treatment center for alcohol. His addiction story has been well documented over the course of 366 Crushing Iron Podcasts, and is addressed again in this episode.

After Mike finally quit his corporate job and Robbie went through rehab, they both went back to Ironman Wisconsin. It was an important day for both of them and soon after they decided to give the podcast a shot.

They realized they would quickly run out of triathlon topics, so the Crushing Iron Podcast has been centered on life and the general trials of what triathletes go through in daily life. It’s more or less too good friends talking and inviting others along for the ride.

They committed to podcasting twice a week (on Monday and Thursday) and with few exceptions have delivered on that promise to listeners…and themselves. This is an important point because both Mike and Robbie struggled mightily with consistency and commitment and this podcast has served as an example to many how showing up and staying with something can change your life.

This continues to be the metaphor for training. Keep showing up. Do the best you can. And have fun. That, in a nutshell, is the Crushing Iron Podcast.

Listen to the entire story below and be sure to subscribe to the Crushing Iron Podcast for two triathlon and life podcasts per week.

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