Fitness is Fitness

Episode #454

February 22, 2021

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What happens if we don’t train for a week, or two, or three? Are you more worried about losing fitness…or confidence? February has sucked for a lot of us, and many are training for a race they chose two years ago, but it’s okay to not be “feeling it” right now. Today we talk expectations, goals, and why we should lead with intention instead of ultimatums. Sometimes treading water is enough if it keeps you in the game. Also, short Ironman builds, resentments, and adjusting your benchmarks on the fly.


  • Why February might be the toughest month
  • It’s 100% okay to be struggling right now
  • Gigantic shelf life for motivation
  • We change, our motivation changes
  • What if racing becomes an obligation??
  • What makes you happiest right now?
  • Taking expectations off our races
  • Insomnia and vitamin D
  • Shorter Ironman builds
  • Emotional peaking way too early
  • Why do we always want a “countdown?”
  • The toughest races to train for based on time of year
  • The pressure of ONE DAY
  • The race as the release
  • The pressure to prove that we are somebody
  • Squeezing the most out of today
  • College basketball, athletes, and no fans
  • Spectator energy
  • Treading water…
  • Are you worried about losing fitness or confidence?
  • Life doesn’t care
  • Don’t spend time being resentful
  • Adjusting Benchmarks

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