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Jeff Mitchell

Athlete Profile – Jeff Mitchell

By Lindsay Henn | March 24, 2020

If you happened to be at the latest C26 Run Retreat, you would find Jeff Mitchell, C26 coached athlete, attacking the hills of Nunnelly, Tennessee. For those of you that…

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Stuart Rogers and wife

Athlete Profile – Stuart Rogers

By Mike Tarrolly | March 23, 2020

The turning point for me was hiring a coach. I’d never been a consistent athlete and having someone give me workouts that challenge me, but not too much and also hold me accountable made me fall in love with training and how it makes me feel.

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Emily Horvath

Athlete Profile – Emily Horvath

By Mike Tarrolly | March 16, 2020

What two or three books would you recommend? It doesn’t have to be triathlon related, but may have helped you with motivation/balance or to get through a tough time or…

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Ross Kaffenberger

Athlete Profile – Ross Kaffenberger

By Mike Tarrolly | February 24, 2020

The best investment I’ve made is getting personal coaching from Coach Robbie. I had been training for triathlon for years through generic online or group training plans.

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Jenn Hale

Athlete Profile – Jenn Hale

By Mike Tarrolly | February 18, 2020

As a former collegiate track athlete with over 30 years of competitive running experience, pace has always mattered a great deal.  Like a pass/fail indictment on whether my training on any given day was good enough. 

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Somer Scandridge

Athlete Profile – Somer Scandridge

By Mike Tarrolly | February 12, 2020

Get a GOOD coach and stay off the internet! Bottom line. Until you get a good feel for the sport, it’s best to take advice from a professional.

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Man using foam roller

10 Steps to a Healthy IT Band

By Mike Tarrolly | May 29, 2019

Disclaimer: I am no expert on this issue and post with general reservation because I know injuries are fickle and can pop up at any moment. I cannot believe how…

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